✎ 09.11.2018

SEO for USA and California

SEO for California and USA

The first order for SEO from USA – California – Santa Monica


For all our present and future clients from the USA we will introduce ourselves:

1. Who we are?

Web Studio it-land.by – a team of professionals with over 3 years of experience. We have completed more than 80 successful projects for small and medium businesses on a variety of subjects.

2. What we do?

We develop websites, make SEO promotion and optimization of sites, customization of contextual advertising in Google ads (PPC), design logos.

3. What are the prices for our services?

  • Development sites from 250 dollars
  • SEO promotion and optimization of sites from 200 dollars
  • PPC from 50 dollars for 1 advertising campaign in Google Ads

4. Why you should choose us?

  • Low prices;
  • Quickly carry out the work;
  • Great experience;
  • Guaranteed moneyback;
  • We speak English;

4. How to contact us?

  • Viber / Telegramm / Whatsapp: +375292005818
  • E-mail: info@it-land.by
  • Filling out the form below:

Thank you for your trust!

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